So there is a new company in the vape pen market and they have come out with a great new pen, Stone Smiths. This company has made a new concentrate vape pen that has some great features.

The Slash, (not to be confused with the famous guitar player), is a great vape pen with new innovative features that makes using concentrates in a handheld vaporizer a lot better.

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Innovative New Airflow Technology

Designed to perfect every step of the vaping process, Slash’s amazing innovative top airflow system, forces air to circulate the bottom of the bowl, providing ultimate flavor for your sessions and preventing clogging in the air path. Win, Win.

Cool New Mouthpiece Design

The Slash’s mouthpiece signature design is a step ahead of the others. It encourages you to vape in the most comfortable position which is vertical and keeps the concentrate in the center of the heating element. This allows the concentrate to evenly melt and vaporize giving you smooth, tasty draws.

stone smiths
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This thing has a easy to use Magnetic Cap

This vaporizer has one of the best and easiest caps. The Slash has a unique magnetic cap, that enhances the user experience making it very easy to load and prep, while preventing the mess of sticky threaded caps. Something so simple and useful.

magnetic cap concentrate vape pen
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Coil-less Ceramic Bowl

The easy to clean and load coil-less ceramic vape pen bowl evenly distributes the heat inside the chamber making it last longer, with the addition of offering a smooth 1-step cleaning process. The high-quality bower assures no burning taste and gives you some potential for huge hits. How big can you hit it?

Integrated Dabber Tool

Say What!!?? This vape was designed with a dab tool built right into it. So open your silicone concentrate holder and dip the dabber right in then place it on top of the Slash and your set. Easy-peasy for anyone to use. We love this the most about this pen.

built in dabber on a vape pen
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Easy to use Heating Features

Sometimes it is a pain to find the right temp you need for each concentrate. Some need a lot of heat others only need a little. Well with the Slash by Stone Smiths it makes it easy for you.

Powered by a 1000mAh battery, SLASH offers 3 heating temperature settings and a battery indicator to alert you when to get your type C charger.

Plus, the 12-second Auto-Mode setting perfect for sharing the flight, deep inhales, big clouds, and holdless heat.

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We love this new design in vaporizers and are happy to see companies are still improving the vaping experience for cannabis concentrate lovers around the U.S. We hope to have a unit in our hands soon to do a full review and update this article.

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