Ever purchase CBD Oil, CBD gummy bears or any other product that has Cannabinoids in it? We show you the best way to store your CBD oil or other CBD products.

Do you feel like the effects last longer than when you first started taking them? If so, there is a possibility that the product you have been buying for so long might have gone bad by now. You may have noticed this because of the dropper getting stuck every time after dropping only one full pipette of oil.

Or maybe your solution isn’t as clear as usual and looks kind of yellowish instead of being crystal clear. I know what you are thinking that can’t be right. The bottle just says “Pure” on it! What gives?!

Well, if this sounds anything like what has been happening to you, then keep reading below to find out why your product might be going bad and what you can do about it. Also check some articles on How Does CBD Make You Feel? to know more. 

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CBD + oxygen = CBD oxidation

Storing your CBD oil 101

When Cannabinoids are exposed to air, they oxidize which decreases their potency. So, most manufacturers will put cannabidiol products in an amber-colored bottle with a dropper that has a cap over the end of the tip to try and limit the amount of oxygen that gets into the product.

While this would help prevent some exposure to oxygen, there is still quite a bit left even if you keep it in its original packaging. For example, if you have been using half a pipette each time with every dose (5 drops), then there would be at least 5-10 minutes where the dropper is uncovered, allowing air to get inside. And over the course of a month or two, this will make a big difference in how your product works for you! You can try out Firefly 2 Vs Pax 3. 

To avoid CBD oxidation and maintain the full potency of your cannabidiol products, store them in a shaded area at room temperature.

If you don’t have any tinted bottles lying around that are clean enough to use for storing your oil, then try using an amber glass bottle with either a standard or child resistant cap (depending on if it has pipettes already attached). They can be found at most local head shops for fairly cheap. Make sure to keep it out of reach from children or pets so they don’t mistake it as being food or drink.


This might be a myth that has been around for a while, but there is no truth to it! Not only will your oil not last any longer by being cooled, but it could even freeze solid if you leave the container open long enough. This could damage or destroy the essential oils that are mixed into your product which would ruin the batch as well as make it much harder to use with the pipettes. You wouldn’t want them stuck together from being frozen now would you?

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Other tips on keeping your hemp products fresh:

If you have a dropper bottle and want to keep it in smaller amounts so you don’t have to open the entire bottle every time, try pouring a little bit into a dropper bottle that has a cap or into a smaller container.

If you have a large amount of CBD oil that you aren’t keeping fresh and want to store it for later use, then you can put what is left inside an airtight container with either an oxygen absorber packet or any desiccant to remove the moisture from the air.

Although not as important if you are storing your product in an amber colored glass bottle with a child resistant cap, make sure to keep all plastics out of reach from pets and children because they could chew through them! Not only would this ruin your product but also potentially be swallowed.

As long as you keep these tips in mind when storing your CBD oil & other products, they will continue to work for you the way they are supposed to!

When you notice that your product isn’t acting like it usually does or that the dropper gets stuck every time after dropping only one full pipette of oil, then this could be an indication that it is becoming oxidized.

This happens over time through exposure to air (oxygen) and reduces the potency of your CBD oil or other hemp products. To avoid this and maintain the maximum potency, store your bottles out of direct sunlight at room temperature away from open windows and doors where bugs can get inside.

If you don’t have tinted bottles like we mentioned above lying around and would like to keep it in smaller amounts, then see if there’s a dropper bottle that has a cap already on the tip.

If you have any other questions about how best to store your CBD oil and/or products please don’t hesitate to ask us or leave a comment below!

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