October’s cannabis sales in Connecticut soared to a combined total of approximately $25 million, as disclosed by the Department of Consumer Protection. This robust figure is divided into two segments: the recreational cannabis market accounted for an impressive $14.7 million in sales, while the medical marijuana sector contributed a noteworthy $10.1 million to the total revenue. A pivotal moment in Connecticut’s cannabis industry occurred on January 10, 2023, with the official commencement of adult-use cannabis sales, marking a significant milestone.

When it comes to the distribution of cannabis products, medical marijuana patients displayed robust demand, acquiring a total of 277,552 products during the month of October. In comparison, adult-use consumers demonstrated even greater enthusiasm, purchasing 393,642 products. The data also reveals pricing distinctions between the two segments, with medical marijuana patients paying an average of $36.43 per product, while adult-use consumers had an average product price of $37.61. These statistics provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Connecticut’s cannabis market.

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