Indulge Your Senses with an Oregon Vacation

Taking an Oregon vacation? We have some great travel tips for you. With its lush landscapes and breathtaking scenery, there’s no doubt there is plenty to see when taking an Oregon 420 friendly vacation. From scenic waterfalls to quaint little getaways, there’s numerous activities that will appeal to a number of people with different interests.

With so much to see and a lot of ground to cover, you might feel overwhelmed. This is when you might consider having someone whose a 420 vacation travel pro. When you consider hiring a travel guide, make sure to look for reviews and ask them some questions about the history of the area, that should give you a good indication that they are knowledgeable. Hiring a travel guide will enable you to sit back, relax and enjoy your trip in Oregon while you have someone showing you the lay of the land.oregon vacation

Once you hire a travel guide, you’ll be on your way to exploring and indulging in the many activities that Oregon has to offer.  One of the most sought after activities that people who visit Oregon do is sightseeing.

Whether it’s places, people or things that you’re interested in, Oregon sight seeing is one of the most popular extracurricular activities people partake in, especially when your interested in indulging the senses.


The Waterfalls man…..


Did you know that the state of Oregon has a ton of waterfalls crossing the landscape all over in the mountains?  You can see a lot of waterfalls right by the side of the road, that make for a quick photo op. One of the most sought out waterfalls in Oregon is located near Portland is Multnomah Falls.  This is one of the most iconic falls in the Northwest and get about 200 visitors a day. It’s in an area called the “Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area”, and is very easy to find. Just dress warm in the winter it gets very cold at the falls. This beautiful waterfall has a river that’s 1243 miles long, with canyons that are over 80 miles.

Do some fishing.


During your Oregon 420 friendly sight seeing experience and since your right there anyway, you can also take a bike and hike tour of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic area. Here you can take in the beautiful scenery, wildlife, soak your toes in the river and also partake in a little of bird watching. Keep your camera close and make sure you look out for some native birds, such as the ospreys and bald eagles. You can also do some great salmon fishing while enjoying a joint next to the river, it is known for its bountiful fish selection.

Munchies time!

After your done working up an appetite along the river valley, another activity you can participate in during your Oregon vacation is eating. Who doesn’t love to indulge their pallet with great tasting food? For this you can take a tour of downtown Portland and try its many place to feat your munchies at. In these tours you’ll see historic buildings like the Picnic House and get a chance to enjoy some legendary cuisine from a variety of restaurants, including some from well-known food carts. You can also use phone apps to point you to the nearest food truck.


After you get your belly full and have relaxed and smoked another bowl or used your portable, you can take a wine tour (that is if you like wine) and meet some of the local winemakers and others. Here you’ll get a chance to taste a variety of wines found predominately in Oregon sipping, smelling and getting a nice buzz. One great place you should visit when it comes to wineries such is the Cathedral Ridge or the fabulous Wy’East Vineyards. Here you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains off in the distance, known as Mount Hood and Mount Adams. Mt Hood has some great skiing and trails abound. There are a ton of lakes and waterfall up on Mt Hood also, so take a day and explore the wilderness.

Now that you’ve seen what an Oregon vacation has to offer, all you need to do is take the time to book your trip and you’ll be well on your way to having the experience of a lifetime. Don’t forget to look into hiring a pro so you can do more time enjoying your trip and less time worrying about what to do and where to go.

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