Cannabis Friendly Travel Hacks – Our Cheat Sheet for Cannabis Tourism

So because we have been in the cannabis tourism business for quite a few years now we have seen and dealt with a lot of things in our travels.

From the good, bad and the ugly we have amassed a good amount of knowledge of the cannabis tourism market and now we are going to share our knowledge with you, here are our top cannabis friendly hacks. Some of these you may already know, some are common sense, but read and enjoy.

420 Vacation Hacks


 #1 – Have a Plan Stan!!We see it time and time again when we are out and about, so many cannabis tourists not knowing where things are, getting lost, getting ripped off, getting a bad deal and not having the best cannabis vacation they could have.cannabis friendly travel hacks

This is when extensive research and planing are a great way to help stop all the problems that pop up when your on your vacation.

You can use sites like ours and search engines work great as well when you search with the phrases you want to do, in the areas you want to go.

Search Phrase Hacks
cannabis friendly (your destination)” – “best recreational dispensary in (your destination)”-“420 friendly rooms in (put your destination here)”- “420 friendly VRBO (your destination)”-“Closest dispensary near (enter your hotel address and name)”  Etc.

This will help you find and plan what hotel, what stores and where to see the best sights while your on your cannabis holiday. Make sure to place a file in your phone, or email it to yourself so you have a copy to remind you.

A good overview of what you want to see, do and when to do it is the best way to make it a very fun time.

You always want to make sure your time is being spent doing the things you wanted, not wasting time deciding what to do.


#2 – The Early Stoner gets the First Joint – The old saying “the early bird gets the worm” is true in planning your ultimate cannabis vacation too. As soon as you can, book your vacation, time can run out!! Don’t wait to long as we have seen so many people not get a hotel they need and have to cancel the trip for a later date. Be it summer or winter get booking now!420 vacation travel tips

The better deals come with booking your flights, 420 friendly lodging, tours and sights to see early as your comfortable with. This way you get the rooms, seats and attractions you want, before they are sold out.

Hotels are usually the first to go, finding a cannabis friendly room is a pain in the ass as it is, so be sure to get that room as soon as you know your dates for travel are solid. Remember that most places also have no charge cancellations or date changes in advance, so you can book the room without fear of losing money in case you have to change your dates or cancel.

Room Booking Hack
Find the right lodging. Do they allow smoking inside the room? Or do they only allow it outside? Call them and ask, most are happy to give you that info. Or use our listings here as they tell where smoking is allowed. 420 friendly B&B’s sometimes have happy hours so ask.

Booking as early as possible is also true of the weed tours, local attractions and shows. So don’t be left out of the fun and be sure to book your things as early as possible to make your cannabis vacation a success.


#3 – Free Grow ToursNow when most of you take this vacation your going to want to do a tour, cannabis tours, dispensary tours and grow tours…. well we have a hack for you.cannabis grow

There are quite a few recreational dispensaries that have their grow available for you to tour when your visiting for shopping. Yes, a FREE grow tour from the people who know weed the best, the growers!!

So when your looking for a place to purchase some cannabis while on your 420 vacation, try to pick the ones who let you see the grow while your there.

Free Grow Tours Hack
We have dispensaries listed that have a grow for you to see while your there shopping. Some may require a purchase before your tour.  Click here for the list.


#4 – Get the Best Bang (weed) for Your Buck – No one wants to pay to much for lackluster weed. The best way to get the deal of a century on some dank ass weed is to use cannabis coupons. By using coupons or searching out the best dispensary deals you will get a lot more cannabis for your money so you can eat at that nice restaurant you found or to buy some more

There are a whole lot of sites out there, where you can find deals on cannabis when out shopping. Once again use the search hack to find the best deals for you when on your cannabis vacation.

Discounted Weed Hack
Type into your fave search engine phrases like these…”Dispensary deals in (your destination here) – “(your destination) cannabis coupons” – “recreational cannabis deals in (your destination)” –  “weed deals in (your destination)”

Weedmaps, Leafly also have coupons as well, but in our experience using the search engines and a little time on your part, you can find better deals then on those sites.


#5 – Discounted Munchies & Attractions – Now another thing we recommend you do when you are planning your cannabis vacation is to get a Groupon membership. This site has a ton of discounts on food, transportation and attractions to help you plan and save more while you travel. deals on attractions

Just use the sites search bar to find discounts on the things you want to do. You can discover a lot of very cheap priced things to do there.

Search for shows in Las Vegas, tours in Hollywood, restaurants in San Francisco and more. This is an asset you need to exploit before you vacation to the green states.

Discounted Attractions Hack
Type into the Groupon search bar phrases like these… “attractions in (your destination)” – “food deals in (your destination)” – things to do in (your destination)

You can also use the major search engines to do this too, just use the same terms you would on Groupon, but you can get an overwhelming amount of answers and get lost so be wary.


We hope you got some useful information to use on your next marijuana vacation from this article and if you liked it please share it on your social media so your friends can get educated too. Have an elevated day!!!

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