Want to Help the Cannabis Movement? Read on…

Do you have an open admiration for cannabis? Then this blog is a must-read for you. There are several ways to enjoy becoming part of this ever-growing community, especially after the years of efforts that cannabis activists have invested in order to legalize its use across the world.

Not only does the premise of cannabis activism run deep through the roots of the healing capabilities of this medicine, but also the recreational effects it has.

Being Active Works!

When I started as a cannabis activist I went to the Denver 420 Rally back in the early 2000’s. There would be about 80 to 100 of us and the iconic Ken Gorman there, holding signs and bringing attention to cannabis. Every year it grew bigger and bigger until there were 60,000 plus of us, holding signs, chanting, educating passers by, and defying the law by smoking weed in full view of the police.

Years later medical cannabis passed into law and a few years after that Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational use of cannabis. So cannabis activism works, I saw it in action personally.

cannabis activism rally
Denver 420 Rally 2013

If you wish to explore more people that truly enjoy the use of cannabis, there’s one more aspect you can look into. Taking cannabis based vacations.

Cannabis tourism is one of the best ways to explore the opportunities that come from this global community. From visiting cannabis-friendly states and countries, to supporting all the businesses that are based on the use of hemp or cannabis, this industry today is now one of the most lucrative industries of the modern times.

But What can You do?

If you’re looking for ways to involve yourself in cannabis tourism, we’ll show you how! Here’s a blog that can help introduce you to the ways you can find a new perspective.

  1. Visit pro-cannabis states: The way to become an advocate for cannabis culture and cultivation is to understand all that it entails. This also involves visiting states where the growth, use, and possession of this medical herb are completely legal.

    At such places, you get the chance to dive deep into the cultural notions including meeting several groups of people who share your interests. It’s also a safe haven for prescription and non-prescription users to consume cannabis safely without worrying about the law. There are also several festivals and concerts that one can enjoy being a part of this group.
  1. Check up on regulations and legislation in advance: The way things work in each state may be more or less the same, but it is better to understand the legal stance of cannabis-friendly states and locations before you plan a vacation there.

    One of the best ways to do this is to visit the source of all government laws and check for the latest updates. If you’re not sure, you can ask the locals that live in the area or reach out to a public legal representative.
  1. Participate in group cannabis tours: If you’d like to know more about cannabis and how it is used for purposes other than direct consumption, try the group tours. These agencies are known for creating fun events that are also educational.

    You could go to a cannabis curation farm or a product-based company like weedsmart where they showcase all the latest creations. If you’re a fan of edibles, this tour would particularly interest you since there are lots of taste testers and samples provided to visitors.
  1. Go bag packing with fellow aficionados: If you’re a lone wolf but wish to have good company while you’re trying out new strains of cannabis on the go, get together with a group of fellow aficionados. This will also help you all explore several of the fancier retreats and gatherings that are curated for groups.

    However, if you have nobody to embark on this adventure with, join cannabis-based retreats to meet more people with similar interests. If you’re spiritual and want to attend such events, there are several new-age groups that meet at Sedona and more such locations.
  1. Respect the environment while you’re out and about: It can get easy to tune out the noise and your surroundings while you’re out there living the best life. However, while going on hikes, camping, or trek events with pro-cannabis groups, ensure that you stick to a no-waste policy. You can also advocate for the cause by doing good- clean up as you go to leave a social and environmental impact.
  1. Get informed about the latest research on cannabis: Activism is a huge part of several avid cannabis consumers. Whether is it for the cause of promoting studies on diseases like cancer or researching treatments with marijuana for Alzheimer’s, you need to complete the groundwork before you begin to advocate. Go on and use legitimate research papers from contrasting sources to compare notes and understand all the facets of cannabis as a prescription or recreational substance.
  1. Take your activism where you go: The biggest arsenal for promoting clean cannabis activism is your individual expression. As you know the arguments against the use and promotion of cannabis by certain groups run deep, it takes time to de-stigmatize the entire construct.

    In the meantime, keep sharing your findings by remaining in a space of information and knowing about the legislative changes and the latest research-based on cannabis. For instance, the latest research-based  on cannabis indicates its usefulness to prevent infection from the novel Coronavirus. You can tour different places while spreading the message with active online promotions and offline events.
  1. Join fun cannabis workshops: There are so many things that can be created out of the humble herb like cannabis. While hemp is used extensively in medical and holistic applications, it can also be made part of fun activities such as painting sessions, meditation workshops, self-healing sessions, tantric dance classes, yoga sessions, or even cooking and baking lessons.

    Joining one or all of these events will bring you joy and introduce you to several like-minded people, which is great for furthering your advocacy.
  1. Share your experiences on pro-cannabis forums: If you do not live in a pro-cannabis state of the country, one of the best ways to advocate for it is by taking to the internet. There are several anonymous or known blogs and threads in community forums like Reddit that you can join. These spaces are highly secure, respectful, and informative as there are people from all over the world that join in the conversation Here you can advocate for cannabis use and legalization, albeit by beating the system.
cannabis store sign

Wrapping Up:

Cannabis users are often labeled ad harmonious and peace-loving people, which is true to their nature. However, by experiencing such great benefits of the herb and the community it surrounds, the need to spread the advocacy may feel line a calling. We hope that this blog helps you find your way into expression and tourism!