Tried & Tested Tips For Responsible Travel With Cannabis

Cannabis tourism has emerged as a popular trend since its legalization in several states and is growing every year. The pandemic took its popularity further, as cannabis blends well with wellness travel. Whether you are a medicinal or recreational consumer, a 420-friendly trip deserves to be on your bucket list. You can take it along to a beach resort, an outdoor vacation, or a road trip, provided you choose the right destination and follow the rules.

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Everything boils down to becoming a responsible traveler who goes the extra mile with safety. You will probably know the basics of responsible cannabis as a regular user. Combine the rules with the norms of sustainable tourism, and you have a perfect recipe for an incredible holiday. If you wish to know more about responsible travel with cannabis, here are a few tried and tested tips you can rely on.

Do your due diligence

While cannabis is legal in several states, you cannot take its status for granted. You will probably know the rules and regulations in your state, but do not expect them to be the same everywhere. Every state has specific laws related to factors like the legit age, permissible quantities, and consumption of cannabis. Researching the regulations at your destination is a given if you want to stay on the right side of the law during your vacation.

Remember to check the rules at the airports and for your airlines. The last thing you want to encounter is trouble at the security checks. Most airports do not allow cannabis products on property and will confiscate it if they discover some. Also, go through the regulations in states en route when embarking on a long road trip.

Pack your stash discreetly

Packing your stash discreetly is a part of responsible tourism due to more than one reason. Of course, you should pack your cannabis properly so that products like vapes and tinctures may not leak or spill. If it happens, the odor will bring the unwanted attention of people around. The more significant reason to pack discreetly is to ensure that the products are out of sight.

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You must place them in plastic pouches and glass bottles tucked carefully between the layers of clothing. Flyers can put their supplies in carry-on luggage instead of checked baggage. Road trippers must place them securely in the boot and not on the seats.

Book your accommodation wisely

Traveling responsibly is also about picking your accommodation wisely. You must check your preference and budget before booking a hotel or resort. But touring with cannabis is an added responsibility as you cannot just stay at a random place. Most hotels and resorts have strict policies against vaping or consuming cannabis on their premises.

Luckily, you can find 420-friendly hotels in all legal destinations. Ensure going through this factor before sealing the deal so that you can avoid the last-minute hassles. Outdoor travelers must check permissions for the camping trail.

Choose a product that works for you

This one is a no-brainer because you should be absolutely comfortable with the product you choose for your vacation. You can explore endless options in cannabis if you are in Canada or a legit state in the US. Sellers like wonder buds have impressive product catalogs, including vapes, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, flower, and pre-rolls.

Experts recommend consuming a product several times before taking it along on your vacation. You need not worry about going over the top or encountering a problem with a first-time experience. Consider it an assurance of safety when away from home.

Stick with an optimal dose

Dosing is perhaps the most common error cannabis tourists commit. It is easy to go overboard with the dosing when in vacation mode. But you should be extra careful when in another city. Stick with your usual dose, no matter how tempting a higher dose sounds. Follow your tolerance levels and stay within the limit. Be extra conscious when trying a new product shared by a friend or partner. Take it easy and focus on only having a good time rather than increasing your doses mindlessly.

Never drive after a session

Ideally, you must indulge in a cannabis session only when you need not step out. It is safer to stay indoors in comfortable surroundings after you get high. Plan your session at the end of the day when you are back in your hotel room. The last thing you should do after consuming cannabis is getting behind the wheel and hit the road. You may end up with a DUI charge, and it becomes a big problem away from home. Book a cab if you really need to go out after a cannabis session.

Seek out a cannabis-friendly lounge

Another tip you must follow for responsible cannabis tourism is to skip smoking in public. Most legit destinations have designated cannabis consumption lounges, restaurants, or bars where they allow cannabis consumption. You can chill after a smoking session and meet like-minded people to have a good time. Trying infused beverages and pastries at a cafe is a good option if you are a non-smoker.

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Just remember to ride back in a cab and not overdo things if you plan to go for a walk on the beach after the meal. Outdoor enthusiasts must ensure sustainability by keeping their surroundings clean and not littering them with cannabis residues and packaging.

Ask a budtender

You may run out of stash on a long trip, but you have the option to stock it up by buying from a local dispensary. Do not hesitate to convey your expectations to the budtender as they can offer the best recommendations accordingly. For example, they may suggest an ideal product to help you sleep better or soothe your sore muscle after a tiring day outdoors.

You must carry your ID cards and cannabis prescription to buy without hassles. Also, have enough cash because not all dispensaries accept card payments. Responsible travel with cannabis is easier than you imagine. You only need to follow the basic consumption safety rules in the first place. Check the destination-specific regulations to be on the right side of the law.