Nevada Recreational Marijuana Laws

Here are the Nevada recreational marijuana laws.

So cannabis is now legal in Nevada. The place where sin is approved and welcome with other vices, but cannabis has always been taboo. Well as we don’t consider cannabis a sin, this great tourist state has now allowed adults to buy, consume and cultivate cannabis. So here soon (2017?)… you can use our guide and check out the sin city stores and attractions or hike the great mountains near Reno enjoying the local flavors. Having up to an ounce of pot will become legal in Nevada on Jan. 1 2017. You wont be able to purchase from a licensed facility till about 2018.

Whats the Nevada recreational marijuana laws?

Nevada’s new recreational cannabis laws, made it lawful for the purchase, possession, and consumption of one ounce of less of marijuana or one-eighth of an ounce or less of concentrated marijuana for individuals 21 years of age or older. So any adult in Nevada can consume and poses cannabis in the state. Now all recreational cannabis must be sold from authorized marijuana establishments to keep the product clean and safe as it can be.

Individuals 21 years of age or older can also grow up to six marijuana plants for personal use. The law allows for cultivation to take place in an enclosed area with a lock. But there is a clause in the law that states you cannot grow within 25 miles of a recreational or medical dispensary. This will make growing in the cities very difficult. The law also prohibits marijuana establishments from operating within 1,000 feet of a school or 300 feet of a community facility which is common in most recreational cannabis laws.

No public consumption is allowed.

Cannabis Cafes?

Note* Look for places to open in 2017, to publicly blaze in as this will be allowed it seems. Question 2 includes a nice option. This option has very “enabling language” that could allow the legislature of Nevada to permit consumption at point of purchase.  This will give America and Nevada, the very first legal Amsterdam-style coffee shops where you buy and try! This is a great model and works very, very well for Las Vegas because you could have tourists come in and partake safely while enjoying the things to do there.

Nevada Recreational Marijuana Laws