When it comes to growing cannabis seeds, the first thing you will need to do is perfect the art of germinating cannabis seeds. After all, all cannabis plants come from a seed at some point in time; being able to effectively germinate the seeds will allow you to make sure that you get the most cannabis crop for your money from your pack of seeds, and this in turn will give you more marijuana yield at the end of harvest time!

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Sourcing the Right Cannabis Seeds

The first step in germinating cannabis seeds is, naturally to make sure you are buying the right seeds. Seeds come in a huge range of different qualities, and while you cannot ever guarantee that a seed will germinate, buying from a reputable company (preferably one which offers a germination guarantee on purchases) is a good step in terms of making sure that your cannabis seeds germinate, or at least that you won’t lose out if they don’t! After all, some seeds simply aren’t going to germinate, no matter what you do; buying seeds that are likely to perform well, largely due to reputable growing practices, will make a big difference to your overall success rate with cannabis seed germination.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

If you have selected good quality cannabis seeds, the next step is (naturally) to germinate them and get them growing. This might sound a little difficult at first, but it’s actually quite an easy process!

First, you need to understand what a cannabis seed needs in order to germinate. The three main things that seeds require in order to start the germination process is moisture, warmth, and air. Without any of these three requirements, the seeds will not be able to begin the germination process and will not grow as a result.

First, you will need two clean plates and some paper towels (as well as your chosen cannabis seeds). Soak the paper towels in distilled water, and then allow them to drain slightly; the towels should be damp and moist but not running water when you come to use them.

Next, place two damp paper towels on one of the clean plates. The cannabis seeds can then be spread out on the paper towel, ensuring there is at least an inch between each seed to allow the seed plenty of space to germinate. Once all of the seeds have been arranged (or when there is no more space for any additional seeds without compromising on spacing between seeds) cover the seeds over once again with a damp paper towel and, finally, place the other clean plate on top of this arrangement. This will give you a dome shaped “container” for your cannabis seeds which is dark, warm, and wet.

Once this is all set up, place the plate somewhere warm in temperature, ideally around 80 degrees fahrenheit, and leave for the seeds to begin the germination process. Check every day at least to make sure that the paper towels are still damp; if they dry out, the germination process will stop and your cannabis seeds will stop the process. 

Keep a close eye on the seeds—some may change from day to day, while other seeds can take a far longer time to complete the germination process. This means that you’ll want to check at least daily, if not morning and evening, for signs of germination. Avoid actually touching the germinating seeds at this time, though; the area in which they are grown must remain free from bacteria and fungus that could kill the germinating cannabis plant.

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Once the taproot has broken free from the shell of the seed, you will then need to transplant the seed into soil as soon as possible, in order to allow the plants to continue their growth. The best way to achieve this is to use a small pair of tweezers to gently pick up the seed (preventing contamination of the sterile seed) and then place the seed in airy, damp soil which has had a finger hole poked into it.

The soil can be watered lightly with a spray bottle so as not to risk drowning the seeds! After all, seeds are incredibly delicate; too much water can easily kill them off, and then all the hard work is for nought.

Final Thoughts

Most seed banks that offer a guarantee on seed germination will recommend their own specific germination strategy in order to give their customers the best chance of germinating their own cannabis seeds effectively. Before choosing on any one specific strategy, therefore, make sure to check if your seed bank wants you to follow a specific strategy for germinating seeds; if you don’t follow this strategy and don’t get good results from your seeds, you may not be entitled for any refunds that were initially promised.

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