With increased normalization of consuming marijuana, the U.S. cannabis industry has seen many prominent changes in recent years. From the federal legalization of hemp cultivation and therefore CBD, to cannabis businesses going public, it’s a great time to be a stoner. One sector that has taken off is cannabis tourism. You’ve probably heard about weed vacations and 420 tours, but what is it really like and is it worth it?

Photo Credit – Colorado Highlife Tours

Types of 420 tours

Many 420 tour companies also offer cannabis-friendly activities for a glimpse into all facets of cannabis culture for a truly blazin time. Some of the most common activities include edible cooking classes, 420 yoga, joint rolling class, puff and paint for the creative types, CBD skin care classes, educational talks like those about medical uses, grow classes, and more! It’s easy to find a 420 tour or activity that matches your interests (including weed). If you’re on vacation and looking for a more traditional tour that also happens to be marijuana focused, try a:

  • 420 bus tour
  • Cannabis farm and grow op tour
  • 420 sightseeing tour
  • Dispensary crawl
  • Glassblowing tour
  • Food & bud tour
  • Blazed bar hop
  • Edibles kitchen tour
  • Hiking or walking tour
  • Medicinal cannabis tour
  • Cannabis testing lab tour
  • Wine & weed tour

What to expect on a 420 tour

Everyone knows that most things like music, video games, movies, concerts, and dinner are all better after lighting up. Vacations and tours aren’t much different! 420 tours are the same as your average city tour, just better since you’ll definitely be visiting a dispensary and stopping for smoke breaks regularly.

Since states make their own rules regarding cannabis use, 420 tours will different between states and companies and what you experience will depend on the specific tour you choose. A multi-day 420 tour will be quite different from an hour-long walking tour. These are just a few things you can expect on a 420 tour:

You won’t be smoking in public

Cannabis is still a Schedule I controlled substance that is illegal at the federal level. It’s still illegal to light up in public, which includes in your parked car! Most 420 tour companies take this very seriously to try and stay within the law, so there will not be smoke breaks in public places like at that amazing viewpoint, though you’re typically allowed to smoke on the tour bus or on private property such as a designated lounge area at a grow op.

Getting blazed (or not)

This one is obvious, but if you don’t want to partake, that’s totally up to you. Not everyone feels comfortable smoking with strangers, especially if it’s their first experience with cannabis or they may have signed up for the tour because of a friend but don’t smoke themselves. Some tours will over alcohol on the bus for the non smokers who still want to have a fun time.

Whatever the reason, many people choose not to smoke on a 420 tour and still have a blast. The choice is entirely up to you. If you’re new or haven’t smoked in a while and decide to partake, be sure to start out extra slow. Ganja from legal states like Oregon, California, and Colorado can be extremely potent and will take out even the best of us.

A visit to the dispensary

Nearly every 420 tour starts with a stop at a local dispensary. Tour companies make deals with dispensaries to bring them customers, which means you’ll probably have a special discount. Some 420 tours may also give you a welcome joint to get you started. Be prepared by bringing along your own lighter, rolling papers, herb grinder, blunt wraps, and tips. If you forget these items or want a vape pen or edibles, these will be available at the dispensary.

This is also a great opportunity to ask your budtender any questions you may have and try any new products. Instead of BYOB, some 420 tours state that they are BYOC (bring your own cannabis). Check with your specific tour ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.

Getting carded

You absolutely will get carded for any 420 tour, so don’t expect to bring anyone under the age of 21 and make sure to have a valid state issued ID to be able to ride. In states where recreational use is not legalized, you will need to bring along your MMJ card (medical marijuana card) if the state has reciprocity laws. You won’t be able to get on the bus or into any dispensary without it.

Making new friends

Some tours take groups of 20 to 50 people at a time, which is a great opportunity to make a few new stoner friends. Tourists from around the world sign up for 420 tours, so you can expect to have a multicultural crowd. Some people may be longtime cannabis lovers, while others might be having their first experience with Mary Jane.

Who knows, you might just find cool new people to hang out with for the rest of your vacation.

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