Roll Up On Your Cannabis Vacation

cannabis vacationThere couldn’t be a better time in the world to take a cannabis vacation, the options are wide open and spliffs are ready to be rolled. Marijuana tourism is fast becoming an extremely big business in the United states, with Colorado and Washington opening retail stores for marijuana. This is the pot smokers dream.

Just like walking into Starbucks and ordering a coffee, you will be able to walk into a recreational marijuana store and order your favorite strain. You won’t need a medical card, and you won’t need to be a resident of either state to purchase the drug. This is cannabis freedom at its best, so pack your bags already.

In the past, Amsterdam was the only place someone could go on holiday to legally smoke, and tourists would fly from all over Europe to get the best hash and weed from their famous coffee shops. However as laws tighten and costs rise, the United States is becoming the ideal cannibals vacation spot. Washington and Colorado are already famous for their vacation spots and therefore isn’t just about marijuana. As much as you will have the highest quality grade in these states, you will also be able to skiing in Aspen, visit famous restaurants such as Pazano or Frution, and visit the hottest clubs in the world.

This is why marijuana tourism is taking a turn for the better in the United States. Washington hosts the Emp Museum and Pikes Place which you can check out on your smoky tours, and can you imagine when the rest of the united states catches on and you can start smoking on the Las Vegas strip, it’s happening, just you wait. Las Vegas 420 friendly hotels can be found here

There are many 420 friendly hotels that are listed here in Washington and Colorado. If you’re going to Washington for your cannabis vacation, checkout the Marriot Waterfront hotel, Warwick Seattle hotel, or The Edgewater Hotel. If your visiting Colorado, check out the Hotel Teatro, Warwick Denver hotel, or the Renaissance Denver hotel. All these places are friendly and accepting of you walking in smelling like weed and you can either have a smoking room and hotbox the place, or use the balcony in most rooms to smoke until your hearts content.

Marijuana tours, Colorado Cannabis tours and Washington cannabis tours make your trip easy and fun, and put the organizational work out of your high mind, and into the hands of these wonderful services. The Colorado Cannabis tours take you though massive indoor fields of marijuana plants, show you glass blown bongs being made, and educate you on the various strains while rolling up a spliff in the Colorado fashion. There are Washington tours as well, and each one has its unique spin so choose wisely.

In conclusion, cannabis tourism is helping the economy and is tons of high fun for any weed smoker. Colorado and Washington are the weed hotspots of the world right now, and they are on the cutting edge of weed technology, adventure and excitement for every pot-smoking traveler.

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