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What is cannabis tourism? That is a question we hear a lot from vacationers new to the 420 friendly travel niche. Well, we will go over what cannabis tourism is, why it is one of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry and how to safely book your cannabis vacation.

Definition of cannabis tourism.

The term “cannabis tourism” refers to a niche travel market that caters to cannabis users and ones curious to partake in weed, by showing and catering to them with cannabis friendly lodging to stay at, weed tours that let them see the sights while smoking cannabis, cannabis related activities like cooking with marijuana, using cannabis recipes and marketing marijuana friendly events like the Colorado 420 Fest, for them to see and experience. This type of tourism is growing by leaps and bounds, with every state that is becoming “recreational cannabis legal” when it comes to cannabis consumption and purchasing by adults over 21.

Cannabis tourist smoking some cannabis in the forest. – Photo credit Unsplash

The Cannabis Tourism market is growing fast.

So the with the rise of the cannabis tourism industry, it is growing every year and every time a state goes recreationaly legal for adults 21 and over. Just by making cannabis legal for adults, opens a ton of opportunities for small business and larger companies to cash in and cater to the cannabis tourist. When the cannabis tourist travels they will need all of the amenities that a normal traveler will need, only they need it to be “420 friendly” (cannabis friendly).

Either by having a place or rooms on property for them to smoke or consume cannabis, to see cannabis retail stores and tour the places in cannabis friendly vehicles. Colorado was the very first state to perfect the cannabis tourism industry with 420 tours, grow tours, cannabis cooking classes and having a ton of cannabis friendly accommodations across the state.

Nevada is another state that is growing their cannabis tourism industry with making cannabis consumption clubs legal and having more places for the cannabis tourist to indulge at. With a bunch of recreational dispensaries opening weekly there is always a place close for you to buy some weed at. But Las Vegas is still not the best place for the cannabis traveler to go to due to the very few places that have 420 friendly Las Vegas lodging.

California is doing a lot better when it comes to hosting the cannabis tourist by providing better cannabis laws and regulations to let the cannabis tourist indulge in cannabis consumption. In California you can consume your cannabis right at the place you bought it, that is if they have a consumption lounge. The only caveat to this is, there is no burning or open flame so you have to dab, vape or eat your cannabis in these lounges. But still this is a huge step forward compared to other recreational states.

How to book a cannabis friendly vacation?

Well it is easy to do with sites like ours and other sites out there catering to the cannabis traveler. Our site has a ton of useful information for you to use to book a hotel, tour, activity and other cool cannabis related vacation activities so be sure to browse the site and make your cannabis vacation a great one. You can also use our sister site Marijuana Vacation Guide if your looking to travel to other countries, and you can also check out 420 Friendly for finding cannabis friendly lodging across the globe as well.

We hope we explained the term “cannabis tourism” to you and you now understand what it means and how to be a cannabis tourist. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to get a lot more cannabis travel information when we post it. Have a great day.

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