Thinking about starting to smoke cannabis? We have a few tips.

The idea of smoking cannabis for the first time can be daunting and exciting at the same time. Despite the legal status, consumer claims, and medical research, you may feel apprehensive as a beginner. It is absolutely natural because of the erstwhile reputation of cannabis being a recreational aid.

Warning– Inhaling any smoke is not good for your lungs. All smoking carries a inherent risk. Educate yourself on the issues with inhaling smoke and make your own informed adult decision.

However, a lot has changed since legalization of recreational cannabis and the pandemic push. It is easier to embark on the journey for both purposes, whether recreational or medicinal. The easy availability of products and growing trust in cannabis wellness are enough to feel confident about your first step.

All you need is some valuable advice to get a good start with smoking. Let us share some helpful tips with you.

woman smoking a cannabis joint How To Get A Good Start With Smoking Cannabis

Start with realistic expectations on smoking cannabis

If you are a beginner, you will probably expect a lot from your first smoking session. Recreational users look for an intoxicating high, and medicinal consumers want quick relief from pain, stress, or insomnia. But it is good to have realistic expectations because you cannot be too sure about how your body responds to cannabis. You cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach in the first place.

You can find information on how to find the best strain when shopping for cannabis beginners here.

Secondly, the outcomes depend on the composition of the product your choose. Basic education about CBD and THC enables you to pick the apt one and get the right start with cannabis smoking. Let go of expectations and mentally prepare yourself for a unique experience.

You can journal the initial sessions to understand what works for you and tailor your experience accordingly.

Get an education about strains

When it comes to cannabis smoking, the outcomes depend greatly on the choice of strain. Newbies are often enthusiastic about it the first time, so be sure to ask the bud-tenders all the questions you have to get a quick education about the strains. Essentially, you have the option of indica or sativa strains.

counter of recreational dispensary with many various cannabis strains in jars
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Now typically, the indica strains lead to a euphoric body high, while sativa strains produce a more energetic impact. Stick with indica if you wish to feel mellow and relaxed after smoking. Opt for sativa for party vibes or a burst of workout energy. You may even try a hybrid strain, but be prepared for unique effects. You can find more information on Sativa vs Indica here.

Smell the herb, does it speak to you?

Beyond understanding strains and cannabinoids, you must trust your nose to pick the right product for smoking.

Terpenes are aromatic and flavorful elements that play a significant role in the effects of cannabis. Let your sense of smell guide you about the ideal product. You can try flavor profiles like fruit, floral, fuel, and earth according to your preference.

Fruity flavors are uplifting, floral ones are introspective, fuel flavors are powerful, and earthy tones are relaxing. You can check the dispensary counters and sniff the aromas to take your pick. Alternatively, seek recommendations from a seasoned budtender.

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Learn the technique of smoking cannabis

With cannabis smoking, you have plenty of options such as joints, blunts, bongs, bowls, and vapes. The best part is that you can start with joints because they are the simplest and do not require a device.

You can explore buymyweedonline to buy rolling papers and get started right away. Get help from an expert instead of rolling a joint yourself as a beginner. You may ask them for tips and check online videos to master the skill over time.

woman smoking cannabis through a one hitter

Likewise, learn the techniques of smoking with a bong, bowl, or vape to experiment more as you go. Whichever device you choose, go slow with inhalation. Big hits sound tempting, but they may get hard to handle as a first-timer.

Dose cautiously

Your first experience with cannabis smoking also requires attention from a safety perspective. The best step in this context is to dose cautiously, despite the temptation to go overboard as a beginner.

You may seek advice from a seasoned user or research online to find the “safe” dose for your product and strain as a first-timer. The best way to start is with a minimal amount. Listen to your body and understand your tolerance level.

You will probably know it within the first few sessions if you are vigilant enough. Consider titrating the dosing gradually until you find your sweet spot.

Mind your set and setting

Experts stress the significance of set and setting for the first-time smokers because they can make a big difference. Ensure you are in a comfortable space, preferably your home, because you cannot be too sure about the outcomes.

Being at home enables you to relax as you need not worry about driving back. Even if you are at a friend’s place, plan to stay until the effects wear off. Also, never indulge in your first session alone. It always helps to have an experienced user around as they can guide you about the dosage and after-effects if they happen.

Be discreet, for some cannabis smells bad

You may be in a legal state and follow all the rules and regulations to be on the right side of the law. But it still makes sense to be discreet while smoking cannabis, whether as a newbie or a seasoned user. You may even want to do it without getting the attention of your family.

Your neighbors may object to the smoke, so make sure you keep it in even when planning a session at home. Avoid smoking in public places, and choose 420-friendly places while traveling or indulging in a session outdoors.

Follow the storage rules

At times, you may not want to smoke right after buying your stash. It is crucial to follow the storage rules to keep your cannabis fresh and aromatic until your first session. Storing your bud is pretty simple as you need an airtight container, preferably in glass and not plastic.

hand holding a cannabis bud

Place it in a dark, cool area, away from the reach of kids and pets. Consider buying in small quantities as a beginner so that you can try different strains and products. Moreover, you will get some practice with storage rules over time.


While there isn’t a right or wrong way to smoke cannabis as a beginner, these simple tips take you a step ahead with a safe and enjoyable session. The best piece of advice is to understand your tolerance and preference and perfect your technique as you go. Take to slow; test, test, test and you will find what works best for you.